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Writing & editing
Writing & Editing - Day ONE Marketing
Of all the things I can do, writing is what I enjoy most and do best -- and I do it better than 99% of all the people out there.  That's not bragging... it's simply the reality.  There ARE better writers.  But they're few and far between and I'm happy to acknowledge it whenever I discover one.

That's why you shouldn't feel guilty about hiring me, or someone like me, to do the writing for you.  OR resent whatever you spend on it.  If your livelihood or some crucial goal depends on your ability to clearly communicate something to someone via the written word -- if it really MATTERS -- then it's money well invested.

I can supply high-quality prose using little more than your idea or a rough draft.  Or, I can simply "tweak" what you've already written while staying true to its original style and form.

Given my background, I'm probably more apt to be viewed and valued as a "business writer".  However, I'll consider tackling almost any type of literary project -- including those that involve giving someone ELSE the credit (ghostwriting).  Here are just a few of the possibilities:

  • Advertising copy
  • Announcements
  • Articles
  • Biographies
  • Brochures & flyers
  • Business plans
  • Instructions
  • Letters & memos
  • Manuals
  • News bulletins
  • Obituaries
  • Press releases
  • Proposals
  • Reports
  • Resumes
  • Scripts
  • Speeches
  • Web content

Day ONE Marketing freelance writing promotional letter.  Click to view full text.
For another sample, click the image to read the full text of this marketing letter I created to promote my own services as a business writer (requires a PDF reader; if needed, click here to get one free.)

Contact me immediately if you need help with ANY kind of writing-related project.

  1. I confer with you to clarify your needs and provide an estimate of the cost involved.
  2. The project is summarized in a contract, which is then sent to you for approval.
  3. Upon acceptance, you provide all the needed information and materials, and I begin the project.
  4. The finished product is sent to you -- in CD, disk or print format -- via electronic or conventional mail.

Pricing:  Depends on type, length, timing, publication, use, rights, travel and all that stuff.  I always aim to keep it affordable.  Please contact me for an estimate.

Terms: Generally negotiable; however a sufficient retainer and signed contract are required before any work is performed.  Depending on the time, effort and out-of-pocket expenses involved, progress payments may be required.  Balances are generally due in full on completion.

Listed in the Elmira, New York Directory!


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