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Some points to ponder BEFORE having your web site designed & built:

  • What are the site's purpose and objectives (i.e. what exactly do you want it to do for you, and what can you realistically expect)?

  • What domain name would you prefer? (Ideally: short, simple, easy to remember and spell, & self-descriptive.)

  • If your site were a newsletter or magazine, how many sections and pages would it have?  What order would they be in?  What would each look like, be about, say?

  • What sort of images (photos, graphics, etc.) will you want to include?  Can you supply them and, if so, do you already have them?  Are they in digital format or at least suitable for scanning?

  • How much of the site's text content are you willing and able to supply?  Will it need editing or any other "tweaking"?  Can you provide it in on disk, or by e-mail?

  • If anything on your site is copyrighted, do you want it protected against unauthorized duplication & use?

  • How will people find their way to your site?  Is just including it's web address on your business cards and in all your advertising sufficient?  Or will you want anyone, anywhere who's searching the World Wide Web to be able to easily locate what you have to offer?

  • Will you want to give your site's visitors the ability to request or purchase anything directly through it?

  • Do you expect your site to grow?  Will its content need to be changed or updated and, if so, how often?  Are you interested in doing it for yourself, or will you prefer to use the services of a competent "webmaster"?

Web Development - Day ONE MarketingI personally think that everyone with something significant to say, show and/or sell who wants a domain name and a professional-looking web site of his or her own should have it!  So I'm doing my part to make sure that COST and a lack of know-how aren't standing in anyone's way.

In DAYS -- not weeks -- I can have you on the World Wide Web with:

  • your very own domain (, etc.)

  • your own "branded" e-mail (ex:

  • a custom, professionally-designed-and-built web site; AND

  • a FULL YEAR of dependable, professional web hosting

...for LESS than you'd expect.  A LOT less (click link to learn more).

Web design and construction
Here's where I have fun getting paid for my unique literary, artistic, quasi-technical and computer-related skills as well as the literally HUNDREDS of hours I've spent learning how to do all this stuff (so you don't have to)!

I'm not much into creating webs loaded with flashy animations or other "eye-and-ear candy".  Those are nice, but they're also quirky, time-consuming and expensive to construct.  Even worse, they can actually draw attention AWAY from where you really want it (which is on your site's content).  I'd rather build you a web site that simply, credibly and elegantly represents who you are and what you have to say or offer at a price you and I can both live with.

I started doing this professionally in 2002, and since then have seen a lot changes.  Evolving online technologies plus the advent of smartphones and tablets have all forced continuous revisions in the way websites are constructed and operate "behind the scenes" -- requiring  (in my opinion) an ever-increasing technical vs. creative orientation.  Consequently, I've decided to focus exclusively on designing the simple-but-elegant one-page sites on which so much of my web business has been built -- specifically targeted to individuals and small businesses whose needs and means are modest but whose aesthetic standards are high.

Click here for more information on what's included in my extraordinary "Monopage" web package.

Here are some typical, actual comments received by my web design clients from their customers, business associates, friends, neighbors and others who have visited the web pages I've created for them:
● "Your Website is GREAT!  I moved through it quite easily." "Looks great! This should bring in business!" "Great site!  Congratulations!"  ● "Your site is really nice." "The site is beautiful!"  ● "Pretty classy, really a cool site!" "The Web site is wonderful! I hope it gets you lots of work and enhances your future."

Web hosting, etc.
I don't operate my own servers but I do utilize and offer some of the best legitimate web hosting and domain name registration values around, with all the needed and desirable bells and whistles.

Ancillary services
The work isn't necessarily done once your site is online.  There are also things to consider like additions, updates and changes; search engine submission; email administration and so on.  I can do all of those things for you as well.

Contact me immediately if you'd like to have an affordable, professionally-cultured Web presence of your own.


  1. I confer with you to clarify your needs and provide an estimate of the cost involved.

  2. The project is summarized in a contract, which is then sent to you for approval.

  3. Upon acceptance, you provide all the needed information and materials, and I begin site construction.

  4. If domain name registration and/or web hosting are needed, I either (a) make recommendations and advise you on the procedures, or (b) handle everything for you and add all related costs, plus a small administrative charge, to your invoice.

  5. When the web site is finished to your satisfaction, I provide you with an electronic backup copy and publish it on the Internet by uploading the files to your preferred web hosting company.

Pricing:  Depends on services desired; nature and extent of the site; image, writing and/or editorial requirements; timing; rights; travel; number of consultations; change requests and other factors.  Please contact me for an estimate.

Terms: Generally negotiable; however a sufficient retainer and signed contract are required before any work is performed.  Depending on the time, effort and out-of-pocket expenses involved, progress payments may be required.  Balances are generally due in full on completion.

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