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Training & Consulting - Day ONE MarketingCould your sales employees be more motivated and more productive?  Could your frontline customer contact and support personnel be friendlier, more efficient and more attentive to your prospects' and customers' needs?  Would you like to be able to update or modify your web site completely on your own -- anytime you want or need to?  Would you like to enjoy the benefits of having a professional marketing manager without the salary burden or other employee-related expenses?

If your answer to any of the above is "Yes", I'd be pleased to provide the following solutions:

  • Sales 101 -- A comprehensive training and motivational program based on my own early success as a sales personnel recruiter & trainer for one of the oldest and best-known direct selling companies in the world.  Suitable for anyone who's new to selling -- OR as a back-to-basics refresher course to shore up the foundation skills of those on whom you already depend to bring in the business.

  • Contact management -- How to effectively develop, deploy and utilize a versatile, reliable and dynamic database of prospects, customers, suppliers, associates, and other critical contacts (requires applicable software).

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  • Retail sales and customer service evaluation and training -- I've done anonymous customer service evaluation (i.e. "mystery shopping") professionally for over 10 years -- and for some of the largest and best-known customer service consulting firms including Shop'n Chek, Maritz, Courtesy Counts, CSR Inc. and others.  I can design an evaluation program based on your objectives and also provide the follow-up training for any specific improvement needs.

  • Hands-on web maintenance training -- Whether I've built your web site or someone else has, after a few hours of my personal one-on-one instruction you'll be able to perform all the basic functions required to edit, add material and make other routine changes to your site (requires applicable software).

  • Ongoing marketing coordination -- Marketing is a necessary but often burdensome task, and a full time marketing manager is a luxury few small businesses can afford.  I may be able to lift the majority of that burden from your shoulders on a strictly independent, as-needed basis.  

The BAD news:  What something like this can cost
Quite a racket, isn't it?  Consulting, I mean.  All too often it involves someone with highfalutin "credentials" but absolutely no financial stake in your success charging an ungodly sum of money to give you advice (which may or may not be any good) about something you probably could have and should have researched or otherwise learned on your own  -- or at least in a different way.  (Sorry...  just telling it like it is.)  

Now, I have to eat just like everyone else; but my approach is a little different.  After all, if I believe that (a) your business is viable; and (b) my help is really going to make a significant difference -- why would I NOT want a stake in it?  So my idea of consulting is more along the lines of partnering.   Not necessarily in terms of actually owning any of your business, but definitely in terms of initially sharing the risks... with every expectation of ultimately sharing significantly in the rewards.

If you've reviewed the rest of this web site you have a pretty good idea of what I can do for you.  What I'm suggesting here is that if you really need and want something I can provide, DON'T WORRY about whether or not you can afford it.  You probably can't afford NOT to have it.

If you have an EXISTING... solvent... legal... ethical... and fundamentally viable enterprise that really just needs a shot of new sales, marketing and/or management perspective to TAKE OFF -- lets TALK.  I may be willing to be paid just on RESULTS.  

Now... how many consultants have made you an offer like that lately?

Contact me immediately if you'd like to take advantage of ANY of the services described anywhere in this site.
(And if you have a related need or interest that isn't mentioned, just let me know.)


  1. I confer with you to clarify your specific needs and interests regarding services and compensation

  2. You provide me with necessary information about your business (the extent of which depends on the services desired, your payment preferences, and other factors).

  3. I provide you with a proposal for the particular services to be provided, their costs, and my own requirements.

  4. Once an agreement is reached, the services are detailed in a contract and submitted for your approval.

  5. Upon the contract's execution, I provide the services as agreed.



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