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If you're interested in doing business -- new business; more business; better business; dynamic business -- I believe I have something unique and invaluable to offer you.  Something that can't be gleaned from a book... learned in a jiffy... conferred by any institution... bought... faked... found... or stolen, for that matter.  It's the product of a quarter-century of "trial-and-error"; of life on the "front lines"; of rolling up my sleeves and getting down-and-dirty in the trenches -- where the REAL business of business takes place -- rather than observing it from some lofty perch in an isolated ivory tower.

I think that what's mostly wrong with "big business" these days is a pernicious lack of personal responsibility, epitomized by all the scandalous stories of corporate greed and corruption that now seem to surface so often (not that they weren't always there).  I'm also convinced that as a direct result of corporate misconduct the costs of living and doing business are -- for all the rest of us -- far higher than they need or ought to be.

My "target market" is therefore small business owner/operators who -- through their own blood, sweat, toil and tears -- have honorably cultivated an enterprise in which they wholeheartedly believe and on which their livelihood directly depends.  My "mission" is essentially this:

To use my unique talents, skills, knowledge and experience to help those with viable small businesses who need, want and deserve top-notch professional services but can't afford big business rates -- in exchange for fair compensation in any form.

I spent years making faceless, soulless corporations (and the questionable characters behind them) a LOT of money.  Now it's time to do it for something and someone a bit more worthy.

"...An' that's all I got to say 'bout that." -- (Forrest Gump)

Ted Sharack

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