Career biography of Day ONE Marketing proprietor
T.J. (Ted) Sharack

Day ONE Marketing proprietor T.J. (Ted) SharackAn independent thinker and effective communicator with a wry sense of humor, a passion for excellence and a wealth of practical experience, Ted Sharack enjoys a unique and distinguished record of management, marketing, sales, training, communication and related career achievements.

College-trained in the field of human services, as a young man Sharack happened into his unintended vocation by answering a "blind ad" for the world-renowned Kirby Company, where he immediately excelled at selling and quickly advanced to become an award-winning "personnel development specialist".  During that time, in addition to achieving his own mastery of sales, he personally recruited, trained, deployed and motivated hundreds of fledgling direct sales professionals

An aspiring entrepreneur, Sharack then applied his newfound business experience and proclivities to the flourishing field of home energy conservation. Recognizing the need for a consultative, consumer-friendly approach in what was then predominantly a buyer-beware industry, he pioneered a unique broker-of-services concept recruiting a slate of independent home improvement contractors and marketing them collectively as EnerCon Associates.

A Knack for Recognizing & Developing Assets
Sharack next joined Westinghouse Corporation’s Group W Cable (subsequently becoming Paragon Cable), where he reprised his earlier successes in sales and training and was promptly promoted to management.  During his tenure in the cable TV industry, Sharack refined his management style and added a diverse repertoire of practical marketing expertise to his first-hand understanding of consumer psychology. Besides heading a major department, he personally developed and directed a plethora of print, radio, TV, direct mail, telemarketing and direct selling campaigns. He also made frequent TV and radio appearances, negotiated thousands of dollars in co-op marketing support, used emerging technology to develop new marketing and management tools and successfully spearheaded a major effort to eradicate a rampant theft-of-services problem.

Because the high caliber of sales people and others under his leadership was also widely acknowledged, Sharack was asked to deliver a keynote presentation on the subject at the company’s first corporate sales & marketing conference. He served on key advisory panels and was also a published contributor to Cable Marketing, the industry’s leading trade magazine.

Sharack was subsequently recruited by the fledgling cellular telephone industry. As post-launch marketing manager for Crowley Cellular Telecommunications Inc. (dba Cellular One™) in Binghamton NY, he restructured the local dealer network and established his own direct sales team. He also developed new sales, advertising and promotional programs and helped create new system-wide policies, procedures and budgets. He was especially instrumental in the expansion of cellular technology to the Elmira NY market, where he facilitated strategic cell site acquisitions, established a dealer network and served as official company spokesman.  After being briefly lured away by Motorola Communications & Electronics Inc, he returned to establish and manage a regional cellular sales and service facility. He was appointed director of marketing and distribution for the newly consolidated Binghamton/Elmira Cellular One market and thereafter played a major role in the company's explosive local growth and enduring competitive dominance.

An Irresistible Yearning for Autonomy
In the interest of creating a more independent living, Sharack left the cellular business and, doing business as DAY ONE Marketing, began providing freelance marketing and related business services to communications-, banking-, retail-, personnel- and entertainment-related companies. He also traveled extensively, became affiliated with a unique personal development company, created and taught an adult education course and completed a special program of advanced business studies through Binghamton University's Center for Commercial Competitiveness.

Rejoining the cellular industry as market manager for DiComm Cellular Telephone Co. (dba Cellular One™), Sharack became instrumental in developing NY3, the nation’s second-largest cellular geographic "rural service area” (RSA). He established 5 major retail facilities, relocated several others, significantly increased penetration and revenues and helped steer his market through 3 successive ownership changes before once again retiring from the corporate world to work independently.