Complete!  NO monthly fees… NO hidden or additional charges!

Although having a Web presence is certainly no guarantee that a business is legitimate or reputable, in the minds of many people these days NOT having one is sufficient cause for doubt!  At the very least it's perceived, disparagingly, as being "behind the curve".

Why, then, are so many otherwise savvy small business owners so slow to embrace the Web? Two main reasons: CONFUSION and COST! Even those who can USE the Internet proficiently are confounded by the processes and prices involved in establishing a web site. It's not unusual to get quotes from web developers ranging from several hundred to a few thousand dollars for something that may or may not even serve your real needs. And that's just for starters. You can also expect to be billed up to $35 a year for domain name registration, PLUS be locked into monthly charges of $30 or more to have your site hosted. It's no wonder so many choose to avoid all that mind-numbing investigation, decision-making and expense!

BUT I'LL BUILD YOU A CUSTOM, PROFESSIONALLY-DESIGNED 1-PAGE WEB FOR JUST $495.00 – COMPLETE! ALL first-year charges are INCLUDED! There are NO monthly fees or additional expenses. After a year, it'll cost just $120 to renew and continue as-is, and you'll always have the option of changing, upgrading, moving it to any other web services provider or even discontinuing it altogether. This is a fully independent website with dedicated top-level domain name of your choice (subject to availability).  PLUS, this package includes a unique, CUSTOM-DESIGNED LOGO / WEB GRAPHIC – a $500+ value all by itself.

Most important, your web will be specifically and uniquely created just for you – AND by a MASTER WRITER with over 25 years’ experience in marketing & sales who will ensure that it makes you look and sound totally professional!  I promise you won’t find that caliber of care anywhere else at the price I'm offering.  Don't wait another day to get properly put online.