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Advertising & Promotion - DayONE MarketingLet me make one thing perfectly clear: I don't design ads and promos to get awards and recognition.  I design them to get results.

It must be the die-hard salesman in me.   You see, I didn't learn marketing as a "theory" at some prestigious university, from a bunch of professors who had similarly acquired their knowledge.  Long before ever sketching my first ad I had learned... practiced... mastered... and trained hundreds of others in the time-honored art of direct selling.

So my earliest ads and promotions were designed to do nothing more than increase the opportunities to make a SALE (hmmm... now there's an interesting concept).  And that's pretty much the approach I've been using ever since.   Over the years I've expanded my knowledge, added skills, refined my talents and made good use of new technologies.  But the basic principle by which I've designed all my marketing programs (and spent my employers' money) has remained the same.  Whatever medium I'm using, the materials I create follow this time-tested formula for successful selling:

  • Stimulate interest and capture attention

  • Establish need and create desire

  • Show the benefit and advantage of each feature

  • Build a high-than-actual perceived value

  • Request & command the desired response

Single-page marketing letter examples - DayONE Marketing

One of my specialties is creating single-page marketing/solicitation letters (which often get a better response than the kind of slick, multi-part, 4-color mailers we all receive and typically toss in the trash -- unopened... unread... or unfinished).

It probably goes without saying that I'm not big into splashy image campaigns -- unless yours is a huge company with loads of cash to burn through.  For optimum results and "bang for the buck," I tend to favor short, intensive comprehensive, thematically-integrated multi-media campaigns.  In other words, blanketing the targeted market with a consistent message in a consistent way... using a carefully considered mix of print, radio, direct mail, television and/or other methods of delivery.

I'm admittedly best at working with printed media (newspapers, magazines, direct mail, billboards, etc.), but  I've scripted some pretty clever, effective radio and TV spots in my time, too.  In any case, if your needs prove to fall outside my realm of expertise... I'll tell you.

Contact me immediately if you need help of ANY kind developing or implementing a promotional concept or campaign.


  1. I confer with you to clarify your needs and provide an estimate of the cost involved.

  2. The project is summarized in a contract, which is then sent to you for approval.

  3. Upon acceptance, you provide all the needed information and materials, and I begin the project.

  4. The finished pre-production output is sent to you -- in CD, disk or print format -- via electronic or conventional mail.

  5. If applicable, media buys are arranged and the output sent into production (all either with or without my involvement).

Pricing:  Depends on type, length, timing, revisions, publication/production, use, rights, travel, etc.  By the way, I'm NOT an "ad agency", so I won't charge you agency rates (or suggest that one be used, as a rule, except in the largest markets).  I AM ALSO WILLING TO WORK ON A COMMISSION BASIS OR FOR A PERCENTAGE OF WHAT YOU GAIN.  Please contact me for an estimate or to discuss options.

Terms: Generally negotiable; however a sufficient retainer and signed contract are required before any work is performed.  Depending on the time, effort and out-of-pocket expenses involved, progress payments may be required.  Balances are generally due in full on completion.



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